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Architects Insurance Ireland

Architects and engineers engage in a broad range of disciplines which vary widely from project to project.

One job may involve significant bodily injury exposures and another have the potential to cause pollution if things go wrong. It is therefore critically important for architects and engineers to buy an insurance policy which covers these diverse exposures.

We understand this diversity and can consider a wide variety of activities within this sector.

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Our policy is not just professional indemnity insurance. It is a modular policy targeting key exposures for architects and engineers. Features include:

• A comprehensive office package, including products liability, employers’ liability, property cover, and our innovative business interruption insurance

• Property cover which includes worldwide laptop protection as standard

• Innovative business interruption cover on a “flexible first loss” basis which means whatever type of business interruption loss is suffered only one sum insured needs to be purchased and consequently a lower premium can be offered

• The business interruption package also contains tailored enhancements such as loss of research and development expenditure and project delay costs

• Full pollution liability, covering both sudden & accidental and gradual pollution, which is an important concern for geologists and environmental engineers amongst others

• Clear, unambiguous cover for breach of a client contract providing you with certainty that this increasingly important exposure is covered

• Full civil liability coverage, not just negligence

• Specific cover for breach of intellectual property rights

• Cover for suits brought anywhere in the world as standard

• Payment of fees withheld by an aggrieved client if this mitigates a potentially larger claim.

• Reimbursement of costs incurred to help reduce or avoid a claim.

• Punitive and exemplary damages cover

• Virus and hacking liability cover


Engineers Insurance Ireland


We recognise that architects and engineers want to buy their insurance quickly and simply. That’s why our insurance policy is backed up by exceptional service levels featuring:

• Most quotes provided within 48 hours

• A “fast-track” service for urgent requests

• Most policies issued within 24 hours of binding

All this at very competitive prices.

To obtain a quote, all we need is a phone call ! provide Architects Insurance Ireland and Engineers Insurance Ireland.

Click for a quote or call us today on 096 79626.

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