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Recruitment Agency Insurance

Recruitment, employment and staffing agencies expect the best of both worlds from their insurance: comprehensive cover, yet a quick and efficient buying process.

Our cover surpasses these expectations and does it all at a competitive price. Most recruitment, employment and staffing agencies are eligible for our specialist cover and our experienced team will consider agencies of all sizes supplying personnel in many sectors.

Broad Covers

The policy is a multi-class policy targeting key exposures for recruitment, employment and staffing agencies.

Features include: • A comprehensive multi-class policy including employers’ liability, public liability, professional indemnity, placed personnel dishonesty, cyber & privacy liability, property cover and business interruption insurance

• Vicarious liability included, as standard, to cover the agency’s legal liability arising out of any negligent act, error or omission committed by placed personnel

• Our placed personnel definition separates placed personnel from the agency’s own staff

• Placed personnel covered in the employers’ and public liability sections of the policy, should the agency be legally liable for bodily injury or illness of placed personnel or, for damage or bodily injury caused by placed personnel

• Standard and non-standard terms of business considered

• Cover for all types of placed personnel including, but not limited to, PAYE, limited company contractors and zero hour employment contracts

• Property cover including worldwide laptop protection, as standard

• Clear, unambiguous cover for breach of a client contract

• Full civil liability coverage

• Cover for breach of intellectual property rights

• Worldwide jurisdiction, as standard

• Payment of fees withheld by an aggrieved client, mitigating a potentially larger claim

• Reimbursement of costs incurred to help reduce or avoid a claim Limits,Excesses and Premiums

• Limits of liability available up to €10,000,000

• A range of reinstatement options available

• Excess starting from €500

• Premiums starting from as little as €300

Recruitment Consultant Insurance

SERVICE We recognise that recruitment, employment and staffing agencies want to buy their insurance quickly and simply. That’s why our policy is backed up by exceptional service levels featuring:

• Most quotes provided within 48 hours

• A fast track same day service for urgent requests

• Most policies issued within 48 hours All this at very competitive prices.

To obtain a quote give us a call and we will take of the rest ! provide Recruitment Agency Insurance or Recruitment Consultant Insurance.

Click for a quote or call us on 09679626.

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