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Sports Instructors Insurance Ireland

As a sports instructor dealing with members of the public on a daily basis it is essential that you protect yourself against costly claims that may arise from third party personal injury, property loss or damage.

We offer very competitive Sports instructor insurance policies for protection against 3rd party claims. Whether you are working at a gym or out in the open our Sports instructor insurance policies are tailored to meet your individual circumstances.

We cover a wide range of sports from land based to water based activities.


Liability Protection

Our Sports instructor insurance includes up to €6.5m level of indemnity protection covering your legal fees and defence costs resulting from any claim made by a third party. This includes an “advice inclusion” benefit, otherwise known as professional indemnity which will cover injury or damage caused or arising from any tuition, instruction or advice given during the period of insurance.


Sports Equipment

We can include sports equipment insurance as part of your public liability package should your equipment be lost, damaged or stolen.

This will save you the additional costs of repairing or purchasing new equipment.

For a quotation simply call us today on 09679626. provides Sports Instructors Insurance Ireland


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